DIY Snoot or maybe we can call it Monster Honey Comb

July 24, 2008

NOt sure how to call it or what it is… I’ll let you guys decide.

I recently finished my DIY shooting table using PVC pipes and had some left over scrap pipes which I set aside.

So far so good…

The PVC is cut to about 3 inches long and tied together by using some of those plastic tie things….

I can only muster and gang a up 5 pipes from the left overs, but it proved to be enough.

I then wrap it on the tried and true tested Ikea kitchen cabinet liners…  These plastic liners are also my strip lights on some of my shoots.

Here are the initial results…..

Now back to making more experiments on this babies..  See you later!!!


the Generic Asian


  1. Great pictures and very innovative ideas. I want a digital camera but I can’t afford one right now. I’ll have to live through your blog.

  2. Hi The Drunken Blogger,

    Thanks for the note. I will try not to let you down…

    Let’s do a little experiment here if you like.

    While we are waiting for you to save up for your latest and greatest digital camera, let me know what you would want to photograph and I will try to create it for you.


    the Generic Asian

  3. […] DIY Snoot or maybe we can call it Monster Honey Comb DIY Honeycomb Snoot Using A Cooling Honeycomb As A DIY Gridspot […]

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