the “new” IPOD & Itunes 8

August 26, 2008
New Ipod as posted in www.kevinrose.com

New Ipod as posted in http://www.kevinrose.com

If you have been miserably been following my blog pre-wordpress, you may recall that I love my IPOD.  It has been with me in many trips, everyday, anywhere and it has not disappointed me any bit. blha blah blah…

I still have the IPOD photo 40gig and it refuses to die.   Its great!!!

Yet again, I see a “new” version, albeit rumored version, of the ipod.  It reportedly will retail below US$  199.  The photo is from Digg founder’s new blog www.kevinrose.com  as discussed in Leo Laporte’s show This Week In Tech (TWIT) (will he sue me if I use the above photo.. hope not.. I only have 28 Thai baht in my bank account)

Despite having my IPOD since 2004, I still have not seen any compelling reason on why I should ugrade.  In MP3 years, yes my IPOD is about 110 years old, but.. it still works and works well.

What does not work is Itunes…  I think Apples seems to be brewing a corporate storm by not allowing… people like me who llive outside of the USA to download podcasts via ITUNES for free on a new machine.  

This was a surprise to me as I thought it was just all a glitch.  I recently purchased a new laptop here in Bangkok and it would not allow me to access the Itunes store…  The error messages say, this feature is not available in Thailand…

Although, in my older XP machines, I can download the Podcasts, like TWIT, Buzz Out Loud, etc… I can’t seem to get it running on my new machine.

I though it was just me until a friend of mine.. who is not in Bangkok, but is based in Manila… had purchased a new Macbook and a new IPOD touch.  I told him how wonderful the world of PODCASTING is and that it was free.

He then tried to download a few select podcasts as per my suggestion and he said… dude this service in not available in the Philippines…

Being a new machine and a tech idiot that he is, I suggested he goes to the nearest Apple store… and guess what!!!

The guys said that in the Apple store in the Philippines said, if you want access to PODCASTS you have to pay US$39( not sure about the amount here ok).   When I lived in Singapore, it was free to download podcasts…

Hey I have nothing against paying, but hey, these podcasts content as far as i can tell is free to Apple. 

I guess someone has to pay for these things, but Itunes and podcasting has kept me locked in with Apple.  Heck the IPOD  even convinced me to buy a Mac over teh PC.   But looks like the fun is over and the bean counters are starting to take over.

And by the way, if the new IPOD photo is true…  maybe its time to say goodbye?

See ya!


the Generic Asian

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