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This is sad…

July 3, 2011

Chinese teen offers virginity for white iPhone 4

The girl, known only as "Wen", advertised her virginity on Chinese microblogging site WeiBo in exchange for a white iPhone 4. (Photo: Penn-Olson)The girl, known only as “Wen”, advertised her virginity on Chinese microblogging …


A mainland Chinese teenage girl has been caught on Weibo in the act of selling her virginity — for a white iPhone 4.

The girl has been identified by Hong Kong’s branch of NextMedia as only surnamed Wen (pictured right), from Maoming city of southChina’s Guangdong province. She stated in her post that her “valuable first night” — which literally means ‘virginity’ in Chinese — was worth the gifting of a white iPhone 4, which retails in China forRMB 4,999 for the 16-gigabyte model.



I hope this is not true… full link here



Googling the Generic Asian

June 23, 2011

Just random stuff…  you can tell I am in a hotel somewhere doing nothing.  For some reason, if you type generic asian in google, this is what you get.

bye for now…


– the Generic Asian –


Investing for the future

June 23, 2011

Again, please read what I write with a nano speck of salt.   I am in a situation where I find myself looking for answers to questions which I have asked other people but have not gotten a clear cut answer.

Therefore, I wil blog it so I can get my thoughts out.

I caught the idea of investing.  Frankly before I lived Singapore, I did not understand nor did I care about investing for the future…   but living in Singapore and ignoring ivesting is like being in Disneyland and not being able to see Mickey Mouse.

I started “seriously” investing in late 2006 and it felt good.  I bought a fund which was not doing as well as the agressive China mutual funds, but hey it was as safe as it can be.  Modest to mediocre gains relative to the big India and India funds, but hey was fun.  I got some profit sold it and I was no longer a virgin.

I put the money in cash then I moved it into a more agressive mutual fund which was aimed towards the Middle East and Africa markets.  Made some serious gains, but it started to go down so I pulled it out to lock in some profits.  It was still fun.

I did the two without any help from anyone.  I traded online, did all of that, and it was fun.

So I said hell ya!  I want some more of that.  I figured if I invest with the right people with the correct advice, I could make even more money and double the fun.

So I went to a Financial planner.   I said if a dim wit like me can make money, a well dressed, well versed veteran of the investment field is giving me good advice, I can have more fun.

I had basically put triple of what I had invested on my own and put my hands with theses fellows.   a little over a year later.  Its down 30%.  The fun feeling was gone…  It was not fun at all.

So now… a few years later, overall with all my investments,  I have made about 10%.  You say not bad for a market that has been extremely volatile.

Some say,  its only a loss if you cash in your chips right.   Buy & hold!  That should be your strategy mister.  Others say, this is a time for you to take your finances into your hands.  The buy & hold strategy went extinct the same time as the T-rex did.

I listen to many podcasts, read books and magazines and yet again, its been confusing times.  There are a few that I really like.  There is Brian Preston’s the money guyThe Disciplined Investor and Dave Ramsey are the three of my favourites.

Hours of listening to them have not made things clearer.  Which brings me back to my dilemma….  How should I invest?  Anyone?…


The Digital Immigrant

May 21, 2010

I am of an age and from a place that when this internet thing happened I had enough in me to understand it, but also old enough not to understand it.

Where I am now, I sort of get the net. Somehow I really don’t. But really who really understands the net? How can you understand the internet when, as of March 2009, there is an estimated 1 trillion unique URLs.

It is amazing, again… 1,000,000,000,000 unique URLs.

What is even more amazing is that no one is in charge. The internet is this living, growing, moving thing that is seemingly moving on its own without anyone really standing up to the plate and is saying I am in charge.

Who is the President of the Internet? Who is the CEO of the internet?

There’s got to be someone at the steering wheel or is it like what Jeff Goldblum’s character (Dr. Ian Malcom) in Jurassic Park said “life will find a way” it always does. Is the internet finding its way on its own?

Anyway, another Jurassic Park quote…”just because we can does not mean we should” but let’s do it anyway…

Here is a the top 5 most visited websites in the world according to :

1. – Do I even need to explain what they do? USA, India, China, Germany and Brazil are the top 5 coutnries that visit google. They apparently use GMAIL a lot.

2. – Facebook who? Just ask your mom who they are…. Again, the USA and India top the list of users of this website. The French, Italian and the Brits are the most frequent visitors

3. – Another google franchise. The Americans again lead the way, followed by the Japanese, Indian, Germans and then the English. Yes you know who you are. I am amazed how many of you guys visit the site on a regular basis just to get your dose of watching cats on skateboards. Yes you know who you are… : )

4. – I actually love yahoo! This is the only site on the top 5 where the top 5 users are from Asia. 1. USA; 2. India, 3. Taiwan, 4. UK, 5. China

5. – Finally from Microsoft. Again it’s the Americans, Mexicans, Brazilians, French and the English are the driving force for Great URL! Just love it I must say, I have never used before. Amazing they beat Wikipedia!

Again just because we can…

In Asia, here are the top 5:

1. – China baby!

2. – Sorry, can’t read the website. 100% China

3. – another Chinese site?

4. – Chinese… still

5. – Яндекс From Russia with love! (Russia is strictly not Asia… but hey I would like to think they are practically Asians : p )

What’s the stats on our blog!? Nothing… we got nothing… : )

Anyway…. That’s it for now!


My “choice” photographers at least for this month.

May 7, 2010

Let me tell you, nothing beats original thought.  I am linking the best of the best!

Linked here a Chase Jarvis does a lot of creative work and his images are just so inspiring!

You know you’ve made it when art directors start telling people that they want the Dave Hill look. Check his website out…

Its amazing what this guy can do with OneLight. Zack Arias is just all inspiring for guys like us… In Generic Asian speak… CHEAP. He can do more with one light than many try to accomplish with a dozen of xxxx watts of strobes. (ok I exaggerate), but he is extremely creative on how he uses OneLight

David Hobby aka the Strobist. According to Wikipedia, David Hobby was working as a staff photojournalist for the Baltimore Sun, and had taken a year off to focus on his most popular blog. He is the master of small flashes

Last but not the least, flickr. They have done so much for so many photographers that although flickr is not a single photographer, flickr is just awesome. Be sure to click on explore and get ready to be blown away! (note: I did get into explore once – that was a fluke)

That’s it for now! the Generic Asian


Food photography, or something like that…

August 23, 2009

Yet again, I am pushed to the limit.   My photo bud has beat me to the punch and he has again made an image ahead of me. On top of that, I have to watch a movie with my boy, which is mostly in Afghan language… in subtitles.  So if I  become incoherent… it is because of Kite Runner, so far it has been  quite good… but distracting to photography.

I had to scramble to do my assignment.  I had to make something simple.

Off to the fridge!

A lonely tomato.

I shot the tomato using a white plexiglass which I picked up in a signage workshop when I was still stationed in Thailand.  Got it for free and I still kept it and brought it with us here in Singapore as it is quite useful…

That plexiglass got me my Istock contributor status… it been really good.

I had cut the tomatoes and place them on top of the plexiglass put a Canon 550 ex underneath set at 1/4 power. The flash was triggered by a poorman’s wizard.

That’s pretty much it.


the Generic Asian

p.s.  Here are his images and explanation

used available light (direct sun)

f7.1, 500s, iso100 (veg 016)
f7,1, 40s,  iso100 (veg 008)

these 2 are a staple in every refrigerator unit in the philippines.  its almost that a day will not pass that the simple onion and / or tomato will not be pulled out for use in the kitchen (in this case differently).  used most often as an ingredient to dishes, in the philippines, it extends its use as salsa or salad.  you see us pinoys can barely eat our food without having ewach and everyone’s side dish of salad (in our case its called “sawsawan”) which literally means to “dip”.

Jerico... my friend's image set upNice simple set-uplast one

Old Speckled Hen – Beer Photography

August 10, 2009

I recently had beers with a friend and he is a big fan of this beer.

From where I sit. Its not the best tasting beer, but my friend loves it to bits.

Anyhow, the beer as long as it is not made from sewage water is great especially when your around people you like.

Shifting gears, as part of an ongoing project with another friend of mine, we agreed to take photos using our available portable flashes and this time photograph beer.

This time he submitted earlier than me so I had to rush.

I basically used coffee to simulate the Old Speckled Hen Beer look and used soap as my foam.

I did use one light the Sunpak 120 J bounced off the white wall.  The flash is triggered with a cheap wireless trigger bought from Ruby Photo from Singapore.

I used a Canon 40D hand held set between f11 to f 20 @ 1/250th of a sec.

Hope you like it!

all photos are photos by the Generic Asian except where indicated otherwise.


the Generic Asian


Studio tabletop lighting on the cheap

July 26, 2009

I have been working with a friend on possibly doing something photography related.  I won’t go on specifics, but I must say its not been that easy.

Things get complicated rather quickly and because its complicated things just fizzle out.

Anyhow, this was actually the theme of my post today and its about lighting done simple and on the cheap. Actually, the general idea is we will try our best to photograph something as mundane as pencils and see how we can make it look “professional”.

So with that theme in mind, I needed to start on something simple everyday items you find everywhere and I decided with a friend that we were going to photograph pencils!

Ordinary everyday used pencils shot with available light

With the theme of simplicity in mind, I took a bunch of old pencils sharpened them and then bound them together with a rubber band.

Again, in keeping with the theme of simple & cheap, I decided to use available light and a simple torch light which anyone can buy for a few bucks in any decent store or grocery. I decided to use an led torch from Osram.IMG_0661

Simple setup in my "home studio"

The whole set up is simple.  I needed to mount the pencils so they stay still.  (very easy, pencils never complain, even when you tie them up).

Then, I set the camera at f11 for 25 secs. closed all the lights, put the camera on timer then push the button.  Actually the time was not much of a factor, I think, all I needed was about 8 – 10 seconds of “lighting time”.  Because it was completely dark, my eyes needed a few seconds to adjust, thus the 25 seconds shutter speed.

I “lit” the background first, then the pencils in the foreground paying attention to the highlights on the pencil.   I had to make a few trials, but overall, this was a pretty simple technique and a cheap one at that.

All photos were shot with a Canon 40D using a 100 f 2.8 lens

KISS “Keep It Simple Stupid” approach also works in photography lighting!

That’s it for now… see ya!


the Generic Asian


Social networks and all that jazz

April 11, 2009

I always wondered what this whole internet social network thing is all about.   I am not sure exactly what it is all about or what it is supposed to do or what its good for.

As I write this though, I am playing poker in facebook.  I just called a 384 bet with an ace and jack and I lost!  Back to the post…

I am also in twitter, linked in and flickr.  By the way, I am still playing poker.  Pair 6s now!  Lost again…

I must say my favourite social web 2.0 blah blah blah is flickr by an ocean.

If you click on the link to flickr, you will see a photo I uploaded and it has benn my most viewed photo sets I have uploaded.  I am amazed how much response I have recieved from the photos of these series.

My original intent on having flickr was to share photos to family… keep connected.  But I think I was expecting too much from family… They were not as connected as me I soon found out.

Well look me up at flickr…  you’ll wee what it has become.  A graveyard of my photographic junk.

TTFN… LOL, OMG… just learned this recently from FB. : )

Let me know where you are in the WWW of social networking…  I am keen to learn.



the Generic Asian


Security through obscurity

June 29, 2008

This is the very ketchup shot that caused the controversy

Hello world!

This is my 1st ever post on wordpress…  some of you may have seen my posts in    but hey, I’ve moved on…. I think

Today was an interesting day for me.  Dropped off my visiting brother to the airport gone to the grocery with the wife and kid.  And when we were in the grocery, we decided to get a cup of coffee in the grocery coffeeshop.

Nice you say?  Well, actually it was perfectly normal till I got bored and started taking pictures of my son… in the coffee shop.  I also took a photo of the ketchup bottle and the glass of water on our table.

Litle did I know that I was being observed…  I was politely asked by the manager to stop taking photos.  I asked why and she said because I was taking photos.

Ok, I normally do not do do fashion shoots in grocery cafes, but hey I was bored and I was taking my sons photos… and the glass of wate and the ketchup bottle.

What was so wrong with that?  I proceeded to show him my photos and I asked what is wrong with that?  And she just replied that I cannot take photos in the store.

I quickly pointed out that 3 tables near us was taking photos too, albeit, using their handphone camera and they did not stop them.

Despite the fact that I think I was right.  I put the lenscap back on and then quitely finished my coffee.  But the idea kept bugging me so I went to look for the store manager.  Smiling I started the conversation by showing the pictures I took of my son and asked here if the photos looked nice.  She said yes and then I asked why I was asked to stop taking these photos in the coffeeshop.

Her face changed, she said…OH you can’t take photos here.  I said I knew that and asked why is it so bad to take photos of my kid in the coffee shop.

All she said was… in my company you cannot take pictures here.  I politely said thank you and walked away.

I think the big question is why oh why is it illegal to take photos in a grocery?  Is it about security?  Are they afraid I will steal the soul of the salt and pepper shaker in the restaurant.

I write this with a lot of passion.  I am by no means a professional photographer, but if people like myself do not write about things like this.  Who will.

Can anyone in the universe tell me why it is so bad to take photos?

Taking pictures is NOT A CRIME!


the Generic Asian