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Food photography, or something like that…

August 23, 2009

Yet again, I am pushed to the limit.   My photo bud has beat me to the punch and he has again made an image ahead of me. On top of that, I have to watch a movie with my boy, which is mostly in Afghan language… in subtitles.  So if I  become incoherent… it is because of Kite Runner, so far it has been  quite good… but distracting to photography.

I had to scramble to do my assignment.  I had to make something simple.

Off to the fridge!

A lonely tomato.

I shot the tomato using a white plexiglass which I picked up in a signage workshop when I was still stationed in Thailand.  Got it for free and I still kept it and brought it with us here in Singapore as it is quite useful…

That plexiglass got me my Istock contributor status… it been really good.

I had cut the tomatoes and place them on top of the plexiglass put a Canon 550 ex underneath set at 1/4 power. The flash was triggered by a poorman’s wizard.

That’s pretty much it.


the Generic Asian

p.s.  Here are his images and explanation

used available light (direct sun)

f7.1, 500s, iso100 (veg 016)
f7,1, 40s,  iso100 (veg 008)

these 2 are a staple in every refrigerator unit in the philippines.  its almost that a day will not pass that the simple onion and / or tomato will not be pulled out for use in the kitchen (in this case differently).  used most often as an ingredient to dishes, in the philippines, it extends its use as salsa or salad.  you see us pinoys can barely eat our food without having ewach and everyone’s side dish of salad (in our case its called “sawsawan”) which literally means to “dip”.

Jerico... my friend's image set upNice simple set-uplast one

I want to shoot for stock photography!!!

August 12, 2008

Recently I have been spending some time figuring out why some photos are better than other photos and why and how can I know if the photo I take is good enough or not.

Offhand, my photography, I think, I repeat, I think is technically sound.  Its the aesthetics which I think I am challenged.

So like the true student of the arts, I tried to surround myself with inspiration.  So I did an exhaustive search of the net for photos of the masters.  When I mean exhaustive, I mean until I was xhausted.

Edward Weston, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Ansel Adams…. the list goes on and on.

In a nut shell, and because I am a nut, I can’t seem to get the point in some of the photos.

I also “planned” to get feedback on my work by posting on blogs and joining associations for maybe a thought that I can show my work and get some honest feedback on the photography I make.

So far… very little progress.  So, I have decided to go a different route… I will apply on the great world wide web’s heaven of all photographs… the stock photography heaven.

There are many photos stock photography websites.  Istock, the imagebank, corbis, getty images, etc.

So now my plan is to try to get into one of these sites and try to get my photos approved for sale.

First of all, I have a day job… My job pays the bills, puts food on the table, clothes on our back, roof on our head and most of all it lets me spend some time with my photography.  I do not need the money.

Now I do believe that stock photography and fine art photography are two different worlds.  But like many things in life, when one is out there thinking they have to buy something, they tend to think about it carefully first.

I do not plan to sell millions on these sites, but it may be the affirmation I was looking for.


the Generic Asian