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How do you eat an elephant?

August 25, 2011

One bite at a time.


I have a little project.  I will be building my first ever Gaming PC one part at a time…  the plan is I will buy a couple of parts at a time till I complete the PC.

The only problem is, I have never assembled one and I have no clue on what I am doing and I rely purely on the internet to be my teacher.


It will probably be an epic success or an epic failure.


As far as I can tell, I need:


  1. Processors (CPU) – probably an I7
  2. Motherboard or MOBO as most of you techies say
  3. Graphics card (GPU) – this could be expensive
  4. Power supply (PSU) – during my days, I did not to think about this
  5. Ram
  6. Optical drive
  7. Casing
  8. Keyboard
  9. Mouse
  10. Monitor
  11. OS
  12. Cables


I think this is what I need…  I need to figure out what part to buy first.


See you





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