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Generic Asian DIY Beauty Dish / Ring light flash

July 27, 2008

First things first… this will never, ever replace or outperform the professional made equipment, nor will I expect professionals to use cheap stuff like this…  But for poor bastards like me who just shoot for FUN!!!  This should be fineI was inspired by latest development in strobist lighting attachments…

I had heard of the Ray Flash ring light adapter and was seriously looking at it as a nice addition to my gadgets.

This was until I saw the price tag.  Hey, I am not a professional photographer and I do not plan to be one nor can I shoot like one, and most important of all… if I bring home a Ray Flash Ringlight adapter, I would be killed by the wife.

Here is the link on the Rayflash ring light adapter from the review of Strobist…

I was in the mood for experimenting again and here is my attempt to make my homebrew ring light flash.

Basically, I used baking aluminium foils.

Mounted it on my 550 EX flash.. and tried on my usual model…  Basically, I got a beauty dish / ring light effect.. Nice accident…

The canon 550 ex was mounted on the camera… The effect was a nice even light with a nice simple round catchlight.

I still need to work on how I mount this on the flash… but overall I am very happy with the effect it makes and the simplicity of the design.

Looking forward to hearing from you and your ideas.


the Generic Asian