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Security through obscurity

June 29, 2008

This is the very ketchup shot that caused the controversy

Hello world!

This is my 1st ever post on wordpress…  some of you may have seen my posts in    but hey, I’ve moved on…. I think

Today was an interesting day for me.  Dropped off my visiting brother to the airport gone to the grocery with the wife and kid.  And when we were in the grocery, we decided to get a cup of coffee in the grocery coffeeshop.

Nice you say?  Well, actually it was perfectly normal till I got bored and started taking pictures of my son… in the coffee shop.  I also took a photo of the ketchup bottle and the glass of water on our table.

Litle did I know that I was being observed…  I was politely asked by the manager to stop taking photos.  I asked why and she said because I was taking photos.

Ok, I normally do not do do fashion shoots in grocery cafes, but hey I was bored and I was taking my sons photos… and the glass of wate and the ketchup bottle.

What was so wrong with that?  I proceeded to show him my photos and I asked what is wrong with that?  And she just replied that I cannot take photos in the store.

I quickly pointed out that 3 tables near us was taking photos too, albeit, using their handphone camera and they did not stop them.

Despite the fact that I think I was right.  I put the lenscap back on and then quitely finished my coffee.  But the idea kept bugging me so I went to look for the store manager.  Smiling I started the conversation by showing the pictures I took of my son and asked here if the photos looked nice.  She said yes and then I asked why I was asked to stop taking these photos in the coffeeshop.

Her face changed, she said…OH you can’t take photos here.  I said I knew that and asked why is it so bad to take photos of my kid in the coffee shop.

All she said was… in my company you cannot take pictures here.  I politely said thank you and walked away.

I think the big question is why oh why is it illegal to take photos in a grocery?  Is it about security?  Are they afraid I will steal the soul of the salt and pepper shaker in the restaurant.

I write this with a lot of passion.  I am by no means a professional photographer, but if people like myself do not write about things like this.  Who will.

Can anyone in the universe tell me why it is so bad to take photos?

Taking pictures is NOT A CRIME!


the Generic Asian